Saturday :: Nov 7, 2020

Election 2020 America Journalism Corps Grade: C-

by paradox

Before our erstwhile journalism cousins look askew at the grade above at least they can take small comfort in their improvement from 2016, where they earned a flaming email F for the ages.

Of course this is assuming one penetrates the mantle of snotty arrogance in editing offices and boardrooms that they have a problem at all, which can be a pretty tall leap for our bunch a yapping journalism dachshunds hopping in their Beltway pack of corporate irrelevance.

Look at me like that all you wish, my dear C- cousins, if you can’t take my word for it then take a good, long look at the babbling, losing liar in the oval office wishing he could throw out “illegal” votes. The American journalism corps is greatly—certainly not all—responsible for this gross felon President, and as usual there is a ready host of exiled journalism professionals—Dan Froomkin, Soledad O’Brien, Eric Boehlert—to keep reminding them, not just me.

American journalism coddled and enabled our Putin puppet his entire first term, one need look only at the disgraceful performance at the Mueller report to see it, when the pathetically self-constrained Republican finally showed up to testify the corps thundered he was a failure for the Democrats because he didn’t put on an electric teevee drama. What he actually testified in its damning conclusions? Never mind!

There were hooplas and huzzahs two days ago when the New York Times actually used the word “lies” when describing Trump rhetoric. This limp, deluded, wandering stupid journalism shop can’t even use correct English diction when describing Trump, man they really hit those high political journalism standards in the Big Apple, you know?

Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post did a very good job outlining how our anemic and flaccid American journalism minds completely glossed over what our felon President did in blithely killing hundreds of thousands of our people with nothing but lies and laziness. Way to go.

When President Trump heinously commuted Roger Stone’s sentence he finally wore a mask, so 75% of the reporting next day was about that, not what terrible crime he’d committed. Our journalism cousins are so easily manipulated they might as well be called the Putty Corps.

Naturally they’ll bleat and whine that Trump is impossible to cover, there’s such a deliberate blizzard of lies and terrible felon stories they and the public are overwhelmed with nothing able to stick.

Fair enough, I genuinely sympathize with this very tough professional spot. My answer to you is that in the obvious face of a complete aberration of a President you stayed institutionally the same—horribly quick, astoundingly employing no use of history or memory, stupidly blinkered into corporate irrelevance, and nauseatingly tethered to your ridiculous both sides political paradigm of reporting. No wonder that lying Putin moron still ran circles around you.

As for the 2020 election itself American journalism performance with Trump was basely professional and competent, President Trump is a stupid, lying, inept political operative and the journalism corps chased after the absurdity with due diligence.

What the corps didn’t do in 2020, however, was allow itself to be sold into some asinine GOP propaganda ploy that ruthlessly knifes the Democratic candidate into losing. Have I forgotten Al Gore the Liar, John Kerry with pink Band-Aids, or Hillary Clinton and her emails? No.

Perhaps it was the utterly pathetic performance of Rudy Giuliani trying to get some kind of play with that nothing Hunter Biden story that stopped it this time. Even then mainstream shops started to run with it and probably would have had not citizens like Eric Boehlert ruthlessly speared them for it.

Alert readers saw the word mainstream and noted that I’ve left out the propaganda wastelands of talk radio and Fox News in our lousy American journalism environment. I ignored them because it’s not journalism but oh yes they certainly matter, had I included them the corps would have earned its usual grade of D or F.

How I wish it wasn’t so, I greatly admire good journalists and grow so weary of beating the hapless profession up. I don’t like it or see it as my place as a critic, but duty to Party and country demands it. Perhaps if our scribe cousins don’t like it they can adapt and change with the Biden administration, there’s always opportunity for growth. Right?

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