Monday :: Nov 9, 2020

Trump’s Attempted Coup Continues, GSA Won’t Sign Over Transition

by paradox

I was surprised Saturday to see Ezra Klein of Vox describe the Trump administration reaction to the Election 2020 loss as a “coup.” He’s perfectly correct, of course, but in the Beltway waters Ezra swims in such blunt savage language of American failure is recoiled from in pearl-clutching horror, America is never described in such ghastly terms, it’s why our lousy journalism corps hated the word fascist when describing our Benito-wannabe President Trump.

Again, President Trump made it perfectly clear in his dictator-like behavior that if he could have outright stolen Election 2020 he certainly would have. Given that he couldn’t, naturally he did everything possible to blow it up with obstruction. When that doesn’t work, what to do? Ignore it.

That’s what’s happened, our whiny-ass titty-baby President is refusing to accept the election results and concede. Which means he will not transition power peacefully and will attempt a coup to squat and stay, there is absolutely no other conclusion, Mr. Klein is precisely correct here in the political science definition of what’s happening.

Just because I’m fully qualified (SJSU PS 95) to confirm an even more qualified definition of Mr. Klein doesn’t mean our Beltway journalism cousins will get it, heavens no. America is a shining beacon of blinding light upon an epic mountain of justice, shut up, the truth of fascism and coups is ours to define, radical liberal. This is precisely how we got into this epic mess and may not get out of it.

Becoming a dictator attempting a coup is naturally impossible as a singular act, it requires collaboration from many political actors. Usually the main actor brought in to collaborate is the military, go along with the new dictator or get shot, it often works.

In the United States that is completely impossible, the Pentagon would never do it, so somehow other help must be enlisted. To the growing horror of American constitutionalists over the weekend it started to happen, those disgusting Senators of fascism Cruz and Graham supported President Trump in not accepting the election results.

Then yesterday a real DC bomb went off, the attempted coup is starting to receive bureaucratic assistance, one Emily Murphy of the General Services Administration is refusing to sign over the critical office transition paperwork President-Elect Biden seriously needs to get a start for next year.

Soon other bureaucrats may follow suit, they simply refuse to leave and squat in the office as the President does. What precisely are you going to do to stop us, liberal?

Incredibly in a tangible empirical path of available options there’s very little that can done to force Murphy to sign that transition document. Here we are in precisely the same spot as those maddening impeachment hearings, it turns out Separation of Powers was just a flimsy dream of freedom, President Trump gave Congress the finger for documents and evidence and there was nothing to right the travesty.

Yes suits were filed but took so long as to be useless, and even then a quack-stack Republican judge could obviate democracy. It’s on the 2021 Democracy Fix List to precisely codify this lapse, perhaps with a better 2023 Congress it’s possible.

But right now that GSA transition document needs to be signed, Lincoln Project hotshot George Conway tweeted yesterday serious noise needs to made about it and he’s absolutely right, right now today real leverage and pressure must be applied to get it signed.

If it isn’t signed it means the Trump coup continues and gathers momentum, it truly is that serious and real.

I never liked the term think outside the box, why can’t one think properly within it? I will give due to the notion available thinking paths are closed off, try to think of new or unconventional ones.

What a shame most DC restaurants are closed to indoor dining, earlier in the Trump term of fascism many heinous lying clowns were ruthlessly shunned with chants of get the fuck out! Get the fuck out! Public shunning is a brutally effective tactic, it’s why the Republicans complained about it so much.

Charles Blow of the New York Times says Republicans play hardball, our people softball. If you don’t like that description, Biden transition team, show us he’s wrong. Yeah it’s outrageous, it’s also reality, somehow you’ve got to quickly leverage that GSA signing or President-Elect Biden will look weak and the coup will gather momentum.

You’ve got friends in the media and government. Use them. Trump will push you around until you stop him, with means inside or outside the box. Have a nice day, Ms Emily Murphy.

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