Saturday :: Jan 2, 2021

Looking Forward to Real Government Action on the Climate Crisis

by paradox

It hasn’t escaped my attention that many writers are trying to encourage the weary and grim Democratic Party base, yes we blessedly beat that $75,000 combover queen but as Ruth Marcus noted on the PBS Newshour last night it merely ushered in a fresh Trump constitutional crisis, our Mussolini wannabe will not concede and is in the final flopping stages of a failed, pathetic coup.

Oh my god, get this monstrous turd of a year in our rearview mirror right now, never has there been a more lying, foul, and grossly uncouth transition of American executive power in our history. Things will be seriously better in the Biden economy, Paul Krugman assures us, while the soothing assurance of honest government competency will drive much needed good change, Jennifer Rubin is sure of that.

[sigh] Well bring it on, baby, today is January 2nd, 18 more days of wandering lying by that sociopathic moron watching Fox propaganda while Iran readies for payback. It ain’t over ‘til it’s over, yeah things are going to get better but for 18 days the Democratic base is still in its foxhole of dread and vigilance, January 20th will be our real New Year’s celebration.

18 more days of stabbing a crowbar into my butt to get motivated for the slightest necessary thing, I have never felt such a dragging, dreaded lethargy as I face another day of Santa Clara country lockdown. Even my rose gardens aren’t set for winter by January 1st, that never happens.

I tell myself that surely we can get out of this, President Biden will never just blithely ignore California, nor will he tolerate a botched vaccine rollout. Another big beam of Biden administration hope is his total commitment for real empirical action for our climate crisis, finally executive bureaucratic orders from the President will get a real start on obliterating American carbon emissions.

We could have done so much more this year in Congress if the Republicans weren’t such lying goons totally in the fossil fuel industry pocket, I know. But President Biden issuing orders that every federal installation have solar panels and nothing but hybrid vehicles will do a lot of good.

It’s basically ignored by the mainstream press but millions of our people have a daily depression routine knowing we’re doing nothing about the climate crisis except saying it’s worse every year. Our young people have particularly had it with all the stupid exasperating excuses, it’s a serious thing to dim the hopes of our young people.

Pete Buttigieg has many animating rays of political ramifications, yes, but regardless of what those may be his shining core competence has always brightly emanated forth, no one has ever doubted that. As Secretary of Transportation he will instantly put forth rules for new electric and hybrid vehicles, yes, but he’ll also initiate a huge new effort into battery technology research.

All of our world is soon to be of clean electricity and storage, we’re used to it on our phones but even now there’s viable talk of home battery storage to completely get off the grid, no more PG & E. Dreamy stuff on that one, oh yes.

Everyone will notice the new rules and the new technology, all of sudden it will become totally normalized that the great solar conversion has finally started. In five years—really—it will be strange to be a homeowner without solar panels and a cool little wind turbine, just as natural as a roof and plumbing.

What really drives home my optimism in the solar conversion are the cost-saving economics, batteries and clean electricity are now cheaper than old-school fossil fuel methods! We can argue about what America is all about or is supposed to be but come on, this is the richest country in the world, add on whatever you want but it’s always been about show me the money.

Yeah the hippie environmentalists were right and yeah, we’re going to do as they say, because the boss man isn’t putting up with throwing money out the window, no way. Electric vehicles and appliances, solar panels and wind turbines, get on with it or be left behind.

Ahhhhhhhhhh. Then you start to think about the millions of our kids with asthma and bronchitis and what this will mean to them. What it really means to live in the LA basin and see the mountains with crystal clarity every day, to look up in the night sky and see the Milky Way again. 18 more days until a start of that, I feel better.

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