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Wednesday :: Jan 6, 2021

Trump Commits a Traitorous Act

by Deacon Blues

When the president of the United States enables violent mobs to attack another branch of government to stay in power, he is not only acting as an agent of a foreign hostile power, but also is committing a traitorous act against the Constitution and the United States.

Mike Pence, it is now time to trigger the 25th Amendment and convene the Cabinet.

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Tuesday :: Jan 5, 2021

Adios, Left Coaster, Thank You

by paradox

In the weave of life and events it’s time for The Left Coaster to go dark, there was no blowup or cataclysmic event in the decision, just a plain acknowledgement this life event and evolution is over, necessary elements make it so.

Steve and Mary know how grateful I am to them both for the experience but naturally I will state it publicly here, thank you so much for everything.

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