Thursday :: Feb 27, 2003

Organized Labor Gears Up/Graham Jumps In

by Steve

Aside from Elaine Chao’s igniting of the Teamsters and the rest of organized labor against the Bush Administration, the biggest development out of organized labor’s Florida meetings this week was the announcement of the creation of Labor’s Partnership for American Families. The $20 million effort to mobilize nonunion voters, aimed at blacks, Latinos, and women, will be compliant with the McCain-Feingold limitations and allow the AFL-CIO to target significant resources into key states with issue ads and GOTV efforts.

The best GOTV specialists in the party, Steve Rosenthal and Donna Brazile will head up the effort. The effort will target key states such as Missouri, Ohio, and Florida, as well as states in the West (Arizona, Nevada, and Colorado) where increases in Hispanic voter turnout may have a significant impact. One can see where this effort can exploit Yucca Mountain anxieties in Nevada against Bush.

Although a $20 million effort will be dwarfed by what BushCo will pour out from their corporate pimps, such an effort run by these two pros, aimed at three critical swing states that the GOP needs to elect Bush will have an effect in the race.

Such an effort also raises a question as to which candidate(s) this helps the most. Off the top, one can argue that such an effort obviously helps Dick Gephardt and Bob Graham, who filed papers today.

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