Sunday :: Mar 2, 2003

Campaign 2004 Update

by Steve

With Iraq and Bush’s war-all-the-time presidency sucking a lot of the oxygen out of politics, here is a summary of some of the political news that has transpired over the weekend.

This Charlotte Observer story from today shows how much attention South Carolina is already getting from the Democratic field.

This Boston Globe story from today, while having an understandable emphasis on how John Kerry is doing in California (quite well), also confirms Howard Dean’s recent success in Hollywood, and points out that Dick Gephardt lined up some big money support from billionaire Marvin Davis as well.

This Newsday/Associated Press piece from earlier today indicates that a lot of big money donors will wait on the sidelines until the Spring and the campaign teams take shape. The two items of note in this piece are that an Edwards fundraiser in Florida is backing away to help favorite son Bob Graham, and several campaigns are pursuing Garry South, Gray Davis’s campaign consultant. Keep an eye on which campaign gets South.

An AP story from today reveals that Joe Lieberman picked up the endorsement of the New York State Assembly speaker.

And Business Week, in its online edition tomorrow, has its first handicapping of the contenders and the race.

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