Thursday :: Mar 13, 2003

FBI Looks Into Phony Evidence of Iraqi Nuclear Materials Procurement-Rummy Involved?

by Steve

There is an interesting “cover your ass” type story making the rounds this morning as the FBI indicates it is informally investigating why now-admitted false evidence of an Iraqi nuclear weapons material purchase made its way into the Bush Administration’s case for war. With a slight whiff of interagency finger-pointing, the Washington Post today says the FBI is looking into the possibility that a foreign intelligence service has created a misinformation campaign directed at building support for an Iraqi invasion.

Aside from confirming how much the political types in the foreign policy arena (Rice, Rumsfeld, Cheney, and Powell) are willing to run with uncorroborated evidence to sell W’s plans, even at the cost of our credibility, this story has several nuggets in it that cry out for more investigation. First, the game of finger-pointing between the CIA and FBI is fully underway here. Second, the FBI felt the need to come out and confirm that they are looking into this for their own CYA purposes, but in doing so they finally undercut the credibility of Powell and the President on the issue of phony evidence once and for all.

But third, the biggest issue to me is this: the FBI is trying to establish publicly that we have been duped by a foreign intelligence service. Which begs the question: which foreign government has the most to gain from stampeding us into an overthrow of Saddam Hussein, when it also had to be known that a) such a embarrassment for the US wouldn’t stop Bush from going in anyway, and b) the residual damage from this would undercut the credibility of the Bush Administration long after the carnage in Baghdad is over?

Or did this foreign government care about either of these things at all, and just wanted the removal of Saddam at whatever cost to us and our credibility?

Or, is the reference to a foreign intelligence service simply an effort to cover the fingerprints of our own Secretary of Defense and his Office of Strategic (dis)Information in this sorry episode, by using the lapdog Washington Post for its own domestic disinformation campaign?

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