Thursday :: Mar 13, 2003

John Kerry Gets Laughs, Raises Cash

by Steve

John Kerry made a good impression in front of the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco today, one day before speaking in front of the California State Democratic Party convention here in Sacramento:

Following a speech mostly about domestic issues, Kerry, who some consider an early front-runner among Democratic candidates, joked that the Bush economic team would do a fine job of finishing off Saddam Hussein.

"There is a much cheaper way, less complicated way to bring Iraq and Saddam Hussein to its knees: it is simply to send the Bush economic team over there and let them run the country," he said to the laughter of several hundred people.

Kerry also ridiculed the Bush Administration's "coalition of the willing" nations backing a war against Iraq as a "coalition of the coerced and the bribed." The United States has tried to apply intense diplomatic and financial incentives for key nations to join its struggle to disarm Iraq of the weapons of mass destruction Washington says it has.

Compare the Reuters wire story of Kerry’s speech with the relatively bland coverage of the speech given by the Washington Post’s Dan Balz. Hell, the Post gives Ari Fleischer’s dictation to the White House press pack more zing than Balz gave to Kerry. It is an interesting commentary to see an international wire service do a better job of covering our national politics than the Post. I hope Balz did not work up too much of a sweat for that story.

And the Boston Globe today comments on Kerry’s fundraising drive to scoop up as much money as possible prior to the March campaign finance reports. But note that Kerry’s own people think that John Edwards will lead the pack in first quarter fundraising.

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