Sunday :: Apr 13, 2003

Meanwhile, Back on the Campaign Trail...

by Steve

While Iraq continues to suck the oxygen out of all news cycles, there have been developments with the field of Democratic presidential candidates.

The American Prospect ran a story, as did others, on the results of one of the cattle call events of the last two weeks, the Children’s Defense Fund dinner this past week. The Boston Globe also ran a summary of the candidates’ comments from the other big event of the last week, a forum hosted by the Building and Construction Trades department of the AFL-CIO.

Howard Dean received a lengthy and very complimentary piece from the Associated Press today about the reception he received at a recent stop in Manhattan and elsewhere. Dean also had another well-received appearance in New York City, with good press. Dean also picked up the endorsement of two members of Congress. He also took a more muscular stance towards Iran and North Korea’s possible acquisition of nuclear weapons before a Democratic foreign policy group. And Dean was the subject of a positive piece in Editor and Publisher magazine, with comparisons to John McCain and nice comments from Tim Russert.

John Kerry, after relishing his first of many slimings from the GOP over his “regime change” comment, assured a Democratic women’s group in Iowa that if president he would only support judges who are pro-choice, and then was immediately challenged by his home-town paper as to whether or not this was a litmus test. I’ll have to see if the Boston Globe has ever challenged George W. Bush over his litmus tests. Kerry also challenged Bush’s economic policies and received some positive words from the University of Virginia’s Larry Sabato over his “regime change” comment. Kerry proposed an alternate economic stimulus package aimed at small businesses.

Joe Lieberman picked up a good deal of congressional supporters in the last week, and said the results in Iraq “vindicated” his support of the invasion in the first place. And Lieberman’s pro-war stance drew comparisons to Henry “Scoop” Jackson from a respected Northwest columnist.

John Edwards, after winning the first quarter fundraising race, told South Carolina citizens that he would focus on jobs and schools as president. Edwards received a good write-up from one of the McClatchy Newspapers’ national correspondents this week. He made a favorable impression in a New Hampshire visit, and another favorable impression in Iowa.

As for Gephardt, he received the national endorsement of the Ironworkers Union.

Bob Graham will visit California this week hunting for potential campaign contributors, after raising $ 1 million in the first quarter from primarily phone solicitations within his home state of Florida. He will also make his first visit to New Hampshire later in the week. Graham received a write-up on CNN for his appearance at the Children’s Defense Fund event, and said that children would be his top priority as president.

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