Thursday :: Apr 24, 2003

Dean Mouths Off About Gephardt's Plan

by Steve

With fellow Democrats like Howard Dean, who needs Karl Rove? After Dick Gephardt took the risky and yes, bold step of proposing a universal health care program to be paid for by rolling back President Bush’s heretofore ineffective first-year tax cuts, Howard Dean, who hasn’t yet proposed his own plan, was the first to break Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment: thou shall not speak ill of a fellow party candidate.

Other Democratic hopefuls have not put out health plans. Former Vermont governor Howard Dean, a doctor who is expected to make health care a centerpiece of his campaign, called Gephardt's plan a "pie-in-the-sky radical revamping of our health care system."

Ugh. Karl will use that, and he doesn’t even have to think of it himself. And frankly, let’s debate the idea first before we call something “pie in the sky”.

Maybe I’ll feel differently when I see Dean’s own plan, but this approach of Dean’s to crawl over his competitors by being mouthy is going to wear thin quickly in a year when the GOP doesn’t need any help gunning for Democratic opponents to Bush.

Governor, please pipe down.

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