Thursday :: May 22, 2003

Bush War Bounce Gone-Time for Rove to Invade Iran?

by Steve

Folks, it looks like Karl better get the Iranian invasion going quickly. Bush’s approval rating bounce from the Iraq victory lap is gone, and his numbers are heading back to their “this guy is a f**k-up” levels. And this was after weeks of Top Gun, and Bush road trips to sell the tax cut that the public doesn’t want.

And a hypothetical Democrat is gaining ground again against Bush for next year, according to the same NBC News/Wall Street Journal Poll.

Not only that, but the jobless claims went back up in the most recent week.

I know that many are frequently discouraged about the prospects for 2004. But we should also know that the voters have already indicated their lack of support for the basics of Bush’s economic plan. Since his plan will do little, if anything, to create significantly more jobs between now and November 2004, these poll numbers indicate that the man is vulnerable, no matter what Karl does.

(thanks to Hoosiercat for the reference)

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