Tuesday :: May 27, 2003

Update on the Democrats

by Steve

What do you make of these developments?

First, the Greens are making noises that they may sit out 2004 and support the Democratic candidate, as long as it is not Gephardt or Lieberman.

Second, after having two good weeks of press coverage, stemming from the roll-out of an environmental and health care plans, to an attack on Tom DeLay and the White House over the Texas DPS fiasco, Joe Lieberman is leading the pack in Michigan and doing well with folks in Iowa. Yet Fortune magazine says he has no chance because he’s Jewish.

Third, after the first several months of the real campaign, the polls show a consistent first-tier of Gephardt, Lieberman, and Kerry. But take a look at what happens when pollsters reintroduce Al Gore’s name amongst the candidates both nationally and in New Hampshire.

Fourth, the smear against John Kerry’s wife continues unabated, and the GOP is trying to take down Kerry by calling him another Gore.

Bob Graham insists (of course) that he is running for the top spot on the ticket, while he gets more and more favorable press.

Lastly, it is very sweet that a recent Gallup Poll finds that absence does make the heart grow stronger in the case of Bill Clinton. And the Democrats not only seem to be willing to be liberal again, but to use Bill Clinton’s name in their speeches.

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