Monday :: Jul 7, 2003

Back to the News

by Steve

While we solicit volunteers for the Truth Corps project (see below), let’s jump back to the news and see what is going wrong in Iraq and elsewhere. First, we lost three more GIs in Iraq yesterday, in an effort that Rummy refuses to call a guerrilla war. Not only that, but to cover up how bad it has been, the Pentagon only reports to the media when there are casualties, not whenever there is an attack.

Major newspapers have had enough of Bush’s cowboy routine.

Afghanistan shows every sign of continuing its slide backwards, with an impotent Karzai government clinging to what little power it has while Al Qaeda and the Taliban regroup in the mountain areas between the country and Pakistan.

The Bush Administration is being tagged by the General Accounting Office for a lack of oversight of Medicaid’s waiver program. Note that one of the states that have gone unaudited for most of the last ten years is Texas, so running the program with no oversight is not a new concept to W; he benefited from it while Clinton was in office.

Now Bush wants to “reform” Head Start, which given Bush’s approach to reforming everything else means he wants to water it down and eventually kill it.

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