Wednesday :: Aug 27, 2003

Wednesday Morning Update

by Steve


A day after Bush outlined his Iraq accomplishments in front of the detached-from-reality American Legion, Paul Bremer was forced to admit that the basic services Bush claimed weeks ago to have been restored have in fact not been. He was also forced to admit that the US will have to pay many billions in costs to fix Iraq, possibly as much as $30 billion, with no oil revenue in sight to pay our expenses. And things, contrary to Bush’s statements are actually getting worse and more and more Iraqis are losing hope. But editorial opinion here at home is turning against Bush, and after seeing more soldiers die during “liberation” time than during “combat”, we lost two more overnight.

The Democrats

Howard Dean got the Page One treatment in the New York Times this morning, with a story that recounts his recent large turnouts, and an advance look at a new Zogby New Hampshire poll to released later that reveals he has opened up a sizeable lead over John Kerry. A recent poll in Maryland shows that Dean and Lieberman lead the Democratic field there by a significant margin, and that either would be a tough matchup for Bush, whom more Marylanders now oppose than support.

Wesley Clark tells the Des Moines Register what he has told others: he will make a decision on whether to get in or not by mid-September. In the same story, pollster John Zogby tells the paper that a Clark candidacy would hurt both Dean and Kerry. Robert Kuttner in a Boston Globe Op-Ed today agrees.

John Kerry touted his energy policy in an appearance in Denver yesterday where he raised $125,000.

John Edwards will drop his Senate seat and go for broke in his White House run, according to former NC governor Jim Hunt. Edwards proposed tax incentives for businesses that relocate to areas that have lost jobs overseas in an appearance at the University of South Carolina yesterday, while blasting Bush for doing nothing about China’s trade and currency policies, which hurt our textile industry. He also is the leading Democratic fundraiser in Tennessee.

Joe Lieberman said yesterday that restoring the nation’s economic and manufacturing base would be the centerpiece of his campaign.

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