Monday :: Sep 15, 2003

Monday Quick Hits

by Steve

Condi States the Obvious

Condi stepped out from in front of her mirrors to tell us that the sky was blue:

The White House has admitted to problems in the initial post-war reconstruction effort in Iraq, suggesting that only when Washington got to grips with co-ordination difficulties and information gaps did the situation begin to improve.

Condoleezza Rice, the president's national security adviser, said in an interview with the Financial Times: "I'll be perfectly honest, I think we had in the first phase and maybe even a few weeks after the end of major military operations, some problems of co-ordination . . . We learned that we had some problems of information flow, that things were not working as smoothly as they might have."

No shit Condi. And things arenít working so well now either, honey.

Bush Touts His Energy and Environmental Give-away Programs-Without Laughing

Bush tried to sell his rollback of the Clean Air Act requirements today in Michigan and Pennsylvania, by saying that his approach will generate jobs and clean air, two areas where Bush is 0-2. His backdrop for one of his appearances was the dirtiest power plant in the Northeast, which was fitting. And he even touted his energy plan on the trip, you know, the secret energy plan no one has really seen yet. But his energy and environmental plans would do nothing to stop his energy buddies from polluting:

Environmentalists said the Bush air pollution plan would have weaker limits than the Clean Air Act that's already on the books. Even though power plants are a chief source of air pollution, the plan puts no limits on emissions of carbon dioxide, which is blamed for global warning, they say.

But at least Bush got a chance to raise a lot of money on the trip.

Cheney Reappears from Undisclosed Location to Continue Lying

Itís good to see that our Vice-President can lie repeatedly in a rare appearance on TV, and be corrected on his lies by the media, as this story in todayís Post does. Itís too bad that Timmy the lapdog didnít go after Cheney the Liar as much as he went after Howard Dean with the bogus Treasury analysis.

Dean and Kerry Face Bumps in the Road

And you cannot read ABC Newsí The Note today without coming away with the feeling that Howard Deanís campaign is getting the once-over from the national media about questionable statements he has made lately. Similarly, from reading their summary and this update about Chris Lehaneís resignation from the Kerry campaign today, you also cannot come away with the feeling that things are well in control within Kerry-land. The story about Lehaneís departure paints a picture of a campaign out of control, with no strong campaign manager. But hey, weíre talking about Jim Jordan here, and Kerry is singularly responsible for that mistake. And as long as Bob Shrum is telling you to stay above the fray and look presidential while Howard Dean steals your cookies and your base, and a political killer like Lehane is sent packing, then the rest of the campaign will aimlessly drift to oblivion. And bringing in the Massachusetts cabal to rescue it wonít do any good.

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