Thursday :: Sep 18, 2003

Bush's Iraq Headaches Continue

by Steve

So much for those hopes that things were quieting down in Iraq. This has the makings of a bad news cycle for Bush on Iraq, with these possible losses, the new CBS poll numbers showing worsening numbers for Bush in general and Iraq in particular.

Plus, another claim made by the Administration about Saddam’s biological weapons capabilities is blown apart. Note the tone of derision in the story towards the Administration’s case for war and ongoing claims.

And then add to that Teddy’s claim that introduces for the first time (beyond the usual GOP graft and corruption for Halliburton/Bechtel and the like) that fraud was involved in the selling of the war, and in the $4 billion per month being spent by the Bush Administration for Iraq.

Cap it off with the fact that efforts to have a face-saving UN resolution on the table for Bush before he had to go to the UN and beg for it have all but collapsed, and what you are left with is a leader who is a long way from the Caesar he was portrayed as last Spring.

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