Sunday :: Oct 5, 2003

Hello, Left Coasters

by pessimist

"Pleased to meet YOU! Hope you guessed my name
Cause ousting Bush is the nature of my game"

Greetings from pessimist.

Steve Soto asked me this weekend to join the roster here at Left Coaster, and as I am always willing to toss my two cents worth of commentary in, I accepted his generous offer.

I suppose that I should mention a few things about myself by way of a short biography. I'm a refugee from the 1960s, worked as a professional musician for ten years or so, at least until Disco killed that off. I work as a computer systems technician for a major Souther California company. I would mention which company, but they prefer that we don't mention them publicly without a clearance from Legal.

My politics are somewhat mixed. I am a social liberal and a fiscal conservative, by which I mean the budgets should balance unless there is a dire emergency. I have to pay all my bills, and I think government should as well. I am also a member of the Reform Party of California, which is a strange place for a person like me to be!

I grew up Democrat, and would still be one if I felt the party still represented me. I grew disillusioned with the Democrats by 1980, when Jimmy Carter displayed a serious problem with being in over his head while the country was adversely affected. There is no way I could vote GOP, so in 1980 I supported John Anderson, under the concept that the time had come for the United States to have more than just two parties who trade power back and forth every so often. We can see by the current situation in America what unchecked power causes.

I joined the Reform Party in 1992 when Ross Perot was speaking plainly about the way the economy was going. He had some of the specific details wrong, but generally speaking he was on the right track.

I still feel that America needs a real viable third party, but since George W. Bush represents the end of America as I know it, I voted for Gore in 2000, and was sorely disappointed that he bungled the aftermath so badly. I feel that if he had insisted on a full recount across all of Florida right away, and not just a few counties where his advisors felt safe, he would be President today.

I will support the eventual Democratic nominee for 2004, because as we see from the daily news items, the Bush Gang must go!

If any of you are familiar with my work at To The Barricades, you know that I sometimes create song lyric parodies themed to current events. I hope this will be acceptible to the readers here, but if anyone feels strongly about this practice, I do let you know before you have to wade into them.

This should do for now. If anyone wants to know more, write me at I really like to hear what people think about my work.

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