Tuesday :: Oct 7, 2003

Maybe Arnold Can Get His Movie Star Job Back?

by pessimist

If the turnout in my precinct is any indication, turnout is heavy. There were more people who voted ahead of me today (I had to go when I got off work) then last November (I had to go when I got off work). Normally, this is good news for Democrats.

Another indication that this may not go the way PNAC desires is the fact that Hispanics are especially motivated to vote. A 12 year old kid was campaigning my wife at the school she where works not to vote for Arnold because he didn't want to get deported to Mexico. The ghost of Pete Wilson's anti-immigrant policies rises from the grave of political obscurity to haunt him and his protege.

As I write this, the polls are open another 3.5 hours. It would be so nice to see FAUX News eat their "Governor" Schwartznegger lead-ins!

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