Wednesday :: Oct 8, 2003

A look at Arnie's Army

by pessimist

Well, I called it wrong. Unless we find that Diebold had something to do with this result, it's now clear that Arnold is what the people want.

So who are these people?

I just received Michael Moore's new book Dude, Where's My Country?. In it, he has a rather telling portrayal of the average "Republican" voter who refused to see Arnold's flaws for the image they desperately want to believe in:

Here's my theory: I don't believe these people really are Republicans. They are just using a word they heard because the word was associated with tradition, common sense and saving money. So they stuck the label on themselves. After all, who was the first Republican you heard about in history class? Honest Abe Lincoln - the guy good enough to be on the penny and the five-dollar bill!

These people are, in truth, Republican In Name Only - RINOs. Ask them a series of questions. Do you want a clean environment? Would you live in a neighbourhood with black people? Do you believe in going to war to resolve our differences with others? Most of the time they will not give the standard Republican answers.

I have a friend who refers to herself as a Republican, but when I ask her if women should be paid as much as men, she responds, "We should be paid more!" When I ask her if people should be allowed to dump waste into the lake where she lives, she reminds me that she sits on the board of the local nature preserve. When I ask her how her mutual fund is doing since she was able to get rid of "that liar Clinton", she says, "Don't ask."

So, I say to her, if Bush has driven the economy into the ground, if the Republicans want to make it easier for people to dump shit into your lake, and if you think you should have the same rights as men - then why on earth do you call yourself a Republican?!

"Because the Democrats will raise my taxes," she responds, without missing a beat.

That is the RINO mantra. Even though they know the Republicans will make many parts of their lives more miserable, they hold on to that Republican label because of just one thing: they think the Democrats are out to steal their hard-earned money. If we really want to pull off a slam-dunk of permanent change, we need to bring a few million of these RINOs over to our side. They are waiting there, wanting to jump the fence - just as long as they can take their money with them.

If I needed a good description of what just happened out here in California tonight, I'd say this about does the job.

The excerpt above was drawn from The Guardian, which is running excerpts from several chapters.

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