Friday :: Oct 10, 2003

Open Thread and Another Welcome

by Mary

There is so much going on these days, it seems appropriate to start to have more regular Open Threads. (This is one thing I can help with even with a new job and in the midst of a move from Portland to that strange kingdom of der Gropenfurher (thanks to PatK for this wonderful way to refer to our new governor) BTW: I heard that he has Susan Estrich on his transition team. Now I know why she was so put off by the allegations of sexual battery. Those whining women got in the way of her new important role.)

I also wanted to let you know that we talked Duckman GR into coming and writing for us too. Welcome, Duckman! I'm really looking forward to your first column.

What Steve started (a remarkably perceptive and astute place to discuss politics) should have lots of really good stuff as we go forward into the election year.

Remember, the theme is: Pay them back for their messing with our country and our democracy. Boot Bush. Send him back to Crawford!

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