Tuesday :: Oct 14, 2003

Tuesday Morning Update

by Steve

Dean and Kerry are sparring once again over Iraq, with Kerry going after Dean for a lack of a plan for Iraq (yeah John, but W doesn’t have a plan either, and besides, what’s yours?), and Dean disingenuously responding that we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for Democrats like Kerry (as if a no vote from Kerry during the runup last year would have changed anything.)

The flap over the electronic bugs found in the Philly mayor’s offices now is taking on the markings of a coordinated GOP effort. First, the GOP opponent to Mayor Street says that he was shocked over the findings. Now, to pile on and benefit from the insinuation caused by the discovery of the bugs, Mr. Katz says that there must be something there and Philly wouldn’t be in this mess if it weren’t for Mayor Street. Mr. Katz, your script from Karl Rove is getting a little transparent.

With Arnie knocking criticism of Bush off the front page for the last week, W’s approval ratings have gone back up to 56% according to the latest Gallup Poll. But sentiment for Bush’s reelection next year is still split right down the middle at 38% in favor, 38% opposed, and 24% undecided.

Joe Lieberman put out his own tax plan yesterday, which would restore the two top brackets in place when Bush took office, and impose a surtax on couples making more than $250,000 a year while cutting taxes on married couples earning below $114,650 a year. Lieberman would also undo the dividend and estate tax cuts already imposed. My first reading of this, besides the usual lying blast from the RNC Ed Gillespie, is that it is smart politics and brings in hundreds of billions of revenue over the next ten years from those who haven’t been hurt at all since the early nineties. And Fox News of all places provides this good summary of where things stand among the candidates on their economic plans.

Wesley Clark gets a good treatment from the USA Today this morning.

And in what is sounding like a tragic broken record, three more of our soldiers died this morning in Iraq, and the Turks are already paying a price for agreeing to send troops to assist us.

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