Tuesday :: Oct 14, 2003

Study Shows How White House Managed Strategic Influence Campaign For War With Iraq

by Steve

If you are looking for the next shoe to drop after the Plame outing has done its damage, this might be it.

Here are the seeds of how Ambassador Joseph Wilson will gain ultimate revenge for seeing the White House endanger his wife’s life. According to Paul Beddard’s “Washington Whispers” column for next week, Wilson has obtained a study from retired Air Force Colonel Sam Gardiner, an on-air consultant during the Iraq war for the BBC, NPR, and the News Hour with Jim Lehrer. In the study, Gardiner catalogues multiple instances of strategic disinformation, perception management, story development and manipulation, and strategic information warfare carried out by the White House and Number 10 Downing Street, all with the purpose of building and managing a case for war with Iraq. It’s a 50-plus-page document, and those of you who read blogs know some or most of the instances Gardiner documents here.

Gardiner worked in tandem with a journalist on the inside of the war coverage to validate his research with investigative journalism. His “inside” partner, the highly-regarded Los Angeles Times foreign bureau chief Mark Fineman, suddenly died of an “apparent” heart attack on September 23, 2003.

But whatever you do, read the last fifteen pages, and see how the whole effort was managed out of the White House and by the same firm that brought you the false stories about the first Gulf War, and how they are already planning for the next war.

Then send this document to every media contact you have and your elected national representatives. And then ask them when was it that Joseph Goebbels was reincarnated within 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

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