Tuesday :: Oct 14, 2003

Tuesday Night Wrap-Up

by Steve

England’s The Independent, in a story run today, portrays an America that is seeing its elections taken over by a few computerized voting machine makers, companies with ties to the GOP, even after a questionable midterm election result in Georgia and other states.

The New York Times and others are reporting that the Bush Administration is making symbolic concessions to Security Council members to get a vote on a UN resolution tomorrow, which may now pass. The Washington Post portrays a capitulation by France, Germany, and Russia on their demands in leading up to the vote tomorrow.

Sidney Schanberg of the Village Voice runs a story today outlining the messianic zeal of those true believers in the White House from Bush on down, who have a plan for regime change in seven countries over five years, all as part of the PNAC dance card.

The Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights has demanded that Arnold explain his early 2001 meeting with Ken Lay by the time of his inauguration, or else face a public call from the organization for legislative hearings on the matter.

Greg Thielmann, the State Department’s former chief of intelligence under Colin Powell, accuses Powell of misleading the nation about Iraq on tomorrow night’s edition of “60 Minutes II”.

And by now, you have heard that Rummy’s Pentagon has been engaging in their own Astroturf campaign of having commanding officers or others send letters to the hometown papers of soldiers written as if they were from the soldier themselves, telling the folks back home how great things are going in Iraq.

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