Saturday :: Oct 18, 2003

USA: Aristocracy Creep

by paradox

Posted by paradox

Senator Judd Gregg’s (R-N.H) wife was an unusual robbery victim last week—when the robber came up empty at the house he held her hostage at her bank by knifepoint and robbed the personal checks she wrote to him.

Senator Gregg then called to berate and insult the bank. He got a full refund of the $4,000 robbed from his wife. There are 40 millionaires in the Senate with very special pension plans. The rich are different, all right.

Senator Gregg gets a full pass for this behavior. His house was ransacked and his wife robbed. His error was in having any public contact for 72 hours, or not having a friend or mentor close by at all times for a week.

Life is like brains: buncha grey stuff.

One can state the US is an aristocracy and a theocracy—and be technically correct in both assertions. It isn’t that an entity is either black or white, but knowing the degree to which an entity is influenced by a variable (black) is the key to understanding and knowledge.

How much of the American political mix represents an aristocracy? Pelosi and Feinstein are both very, very wealthy.

How is it possible for Congress to keep passing incredible tax cuts for wealthy citizens while deficits are forged into two-stager fiduciary devices?

Around 20 million American children went to bed poor last night. It is a massive failure of American politics and culture that, surely as the sun will rise, will always be a very black mark on our record.

Our very wealthy corporate crooks and felonious energy companies walk from their obvious crimes.

Around 40 million Americans have no health insurance. The suffering, anxiety, anger, bewilderment, and waste this inflicts upon the American psyche is horrifying, yet even our own leaders in the Democratic party seem loathe to champion the uninsured. For whatever reason it’s nowhere on the agenda, ‘cept in the Democratic primary.

Unfortunately I can’t even hazard a guess as to the degree in which the US is influenced by aristocractic behavior. The wash of dark thoughts at seeing the list above, though, is getting the grey stuff closer to charcoal black every day in this area.

Life often doesn’t snap to one positive condition, either. Change is a creeper.

It seems so lame to state there’s too much money in politics. There’s a fundamental issue in the American public’s perception of wealth that has to change before any real progress can be made in the symptoms listed above.

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