Wednesday :: Oct 29, 2003

“Paradox” of New Warfare Vanishes: 3,300 Civilians Killed in Iraq War

by paradox

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The “paradox” of New Warfare was supposed to be that one could wage war but not kill civilians because the new precision weapons were so accurate.

It’s a total fantasy. According to the Project on Defense Alternatives, covered today by the BBC, approximately 3,300 Iraq civilians have been killed since the war started.

This war is not “clean,” “surgical”, or “precise.” For utter lies we blew the limbs off children, dismembered pregnant women, decapitated grandmothers, and forced parents to gather the scattered body parts of their children for burial.

They had done nothing to us. They simply had the misfortune to be born in the wrong country at the wrong time—genetically, emotionally and spiritually they’re virtually identical to our own families, friends and neighbors. All they ever really wanted was material shelter, a safe place to raise their children, do some good in the world and nourish whatever love came into their lives.

Mow them down,” Trent Lott said yesterday. It’s such an evil, callous thing to say the one wonders where this cretin ever learned about humans and the world.

Justifications for the war and the reasoning staying/going belong to other posts. The point here is that Americans, so smugly self-confident of how “good” America is, have completely lost sight that we’ve completely failed.

When it comes to the point that killing children is so blithely accepted and Senators calmly state that genocide is the answer the United States has unequivocally, empirically slid into vicious, violent, evil failure.

We are not a “good” nation or people anymore. Deny it all one wants—that’s all it is, pure denial. Any other citizens in the world see the truth quite plainly: the US is an evil lying killer of children for lies.

If any foreign citizens read this, please know I am horrified and ashamed for my country. I am doing everything I can to make sure these war crime felons are never “elected” to anything again. I am not a peacenik in the sense that I advocate never using institutionalized violence—in extreme cases it’s justified, and I enlisted in the United States Armed forces 14 years ago.

But in Iraq the United States has horribly blundered. Our weapons were “precise” but we chose to use them in ways that killed thousands of innocents. There never was a paradox to New Warfare, it was the same old butchering of humans that war always has been.

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