Friday :: Nov 7, 2003

Radical Freaks: House Republicans Squabble Over New Corporate Tax Breaks

by paradox

Posted by paradox

The WTO has emphatically stated that a recent $4 billion tax break for exporters is in fact illegal US trade subsidy that unfairly undercuts other WTO member nations. If the taxation rules are not changed the WTO will impose matching $4 billion sanctions against US corporations next spring.

What to do? Why, craft a new tax relief bill for US Corporations worth $128 billion.

Courtesy of Nathan Newman, look at the chart below:

The United States is drowning in red ink. Even the barest notion of any further reductions in revenue is pure insanity.

Dennis Hastert and the House Republicans are not "conservative." They're radical freaks completely blinded by ideology, perfectly willing to trash US Federal finances until one day--not very off--the bond market will balk and the US will crash into a crisis of Argentine debt proportions.

US Corporations pay drastically reduced taxes as a share of federal revenue than they did even ten years ago--the numbers are really huge when comparing the share 50 years ago. They enjoy the same rights as individuals, use all the infrastructure here, cling to US security, cause enormous problems in labor, the environment and wages, yet demand they get a free ride while everyone else picks up the slack.

Except under these freaks there is no slack. They simply borrow the tax breaks while, yes, spending more. A lot more, percentage-wise, than Democrats. The federal government is growing a lot faster under Bush than it did under Clinton.

Were is Nancy Pelosi?

I've been very hard on Nancy in the threads the last 90 days, for she's completely dropped off the radar everywhere. These freak republican proposals contain no quotes from her or any Democrat rebutting this insanity and scoring some hits on Republican taxation psychoses. Nothing.

It's not acceptable under any circumstances. If the US media ignores Nancy because she has no leadership on any committee it's her responsibility to get the Democratic position out there any way she can.

Why can't 100,000 Democrats protest in Washington over this looting of the Treasury? How come no elected Democrat even tries to organize one? How come no TV commercials are ever bought making hilarious fun of this sick insanity? Not hard to do.

Why don't House Democrats ever organize a boycott? Why don't they start a specific letter-writing campaign to the media and Hastert?

Failure to get into the media agenda is acceptable--as long as one tries. But this complete silence from our leadership in the face of pure insanity that does a great deal of harm is a gross abdication of duty and a terrible black mark of failure for Pelosi.

Excuses are worthless and further weaken us. There is no excuse for not trying to rebut this latest taxation debacle. None whatsoever.

Some may argue the tactics are unnecessary, since the bill will likely fail. The trouble here is that there have so many instances of total silence from Pelosi and Gephardt the Democratic base is enraged and manifestly discouraged. It's as if we have zero power to influence events in Washington DC, which is patently ridiculous.

We got whipped in the mid-terms for such obsequiousness. It only encourages the radical freaks to get even more radical. This has got to stop.

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