Wednesday :: Nov 19, 2003

Republican Knives Coming out for Bush: Called “Weak” for Skipping Iraq GI Funerals

by paradox

Posted by paradox

There is an absurd unwritten rule in American “journalism” that the President is not to be criticized while traveling abroad. The idea is that he is our Ambassador to the world and we should support him with at least no criticism while the President “represents” the country.

Apparently the New York Times has had enough of this twaddle, for even though Bush is humiliating us all in the UK today by wussing out on a UK Parliament address, the New York Times ripped Bush with a blistering attack for cravenly skipping all he funerals held for slain GI’s killed in the Iraqi theatre.

Right there on the op-ed page. From a Republican: John B. Roberts II, who served under Reagan 1981-1985.

“Skipping memorial services makes the President look weak. It creates the impression that he values his own political standing above the lost lives of servicemen and women.”

No kidding. Bush has never put anything but the interests of his own “re-election” when making any decision. He’s obliterated the federal budget for sleazy opportunistic short-term political gain, manipulated the mid-term elections for a phony war, and payed off his industrial benefactors without a whit of concern for the future environmental health of the country.

But even the Republicans won’t stand for Bush so cravenly disrespecting slain US soldiers. It’s despicable this little weakling has shirked his duty here while raising $80 million in cash for his “re-election.” So far the Republican base has been slavishly loyal to Bush—nothing he does ever sways them for adoring him—but at least there are a few Republicans left with real American principles. Thank you, John Roberts.

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