Friday :: Dec 5, 2003

Is Bush Hypocritically Lecturing Putin On Georgia?

by Steve

Is it just me, or is it incredibly hypocritical for the Bush Administration to hector Vladimir Putin to remove his troops from Georgia, when we ourselves reserve the same privilege of invading sovereign states only to leave our troops in those states for as long as we see fit? Apparently by sending Rummy to send a message of support for the interim Georgian administration, we are also sending a message to Putin to honor the 1999 Istanbul Accords, where Russia agreed to get their troops out of the former Soviet states. We are pumping money and military assistance into Russia’s neighboring states to ostensibly fight terrorism so that the US can push its oil development projects in these countries (like the pipeline planned to run through Georgia). As wrong as it may be for Putin to stay in these countries, he feels there are legitimate terrorist-related regional security reasons for his country’s questionable presence there, like this. We allow Israel such a justification with the Palestinians, don’t we, that as long as you are fighting terra’, the ends justify the means? Yet Rummy and Bush are lecturing Putin that the Sharon exemption doesn’t apply to Russia as well?

Keep looking into his soul George. I’m sure you see eye to eye on this, right?

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