Sunday :: Dec 7, 2003

Bin Laden Ramps Up In Iraq

by Steve

Despite Rummy's and the Pentagon's claim that things are going better in Iraq now than they ever have been, and W's boast that the US is drawing terrorists to Iraq by design, things in fact may be about to get much worse. Newsweek has an exclusive out wherein Al Qaeda sources confirm that Bin Laden (you remember him, Mr. Dead or Alive?) sees such an opportunity for killing Americans and coalition partners in Iraq that he is diverting resources and fighters from Afghanistan (you remember that other piece of unfinished business in the Bush War on Terra', don't you?) to create maximum havoc in Iraq. I doubt this factors into Karl Rove's election plans next year, that things may actually get worse during the election year.

Of course, there is a fertile ground for more and more terrorists in Iraq, when gasoline is harder to get now than it was before. I'm sure all that money we are pumping into Halliburton and Bechtel to help rebuild the infrastructure will start to pay off soon, right? But with our own commander now saying that there will be an increase in violence heading up to the summer when the new government takes over, and more foreign workers bailing out due to security concerns, we'll see how well Bush and Rove can ignore what is happening in Iraq while trying to tell us how swell everything is.

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