Tuesday :: Dec 9, 2003

Pentagon Ensures That Bush Campaign Contributors Have No Competitors For Iraqi Business

by Steve

Looks like James Baker will have his hands full getting other countries to forgive their Iraqi debt, now that Wolfie and Rummy have given the finger to those same countries in their efforts to compete effectively with Bush campaign contributors for lucrative Iraq rebuilding contracts. That is, assuming that Baker was sent there for that purpose at all.

As was widely reported last week, Bush's Florida fixer was brought in to be a special ambassador reporting directly to W, assigned to work on relieving Iraq's foreign debt and improving the image of our efforts in Iraq. Yet less than a week after this move, Bush authorizes Rummy and Wolfie to take a step that ensures we willl not only get no debt forgiveness from these same countries, but we will get no contributions towards reconstruction either. So why would Baker be appointed to a job only to see the Pentagon poison the well a week later?

Sure, some have speculated that Baker's appointment was another attempt by Poppy and his boys to save Sonny Boy from his PNAC handlers. Under this scenario, today's action by Wolfie, Rummy, and likely Cheney would be just another example of the ongoing pissing contest between the NeoCons of the PNAC cabal and Poppy's Gang.

But remember when Bush told us that he was appointing Condi to take control of Iraq directly from the White House? What happened to that? For Baker to come aboard last week and report directly to W, and then have Rummy and Wolfie undermine Baker's efforts less than a week later means one of two things:

1. Condi has already lost control of this situation again, so much that the turf war between the PNAC Cabal and Poppy's Gang is in full firefight with Bush powerless to stop it; or

2. Baker wasn't sent there to reduce the debt in the first place, and this was only a smoke screen where the press corp could come up with their fantasies while something more nefarious was really happening.

Given my contempt for Condi and this regime, and their overestimated capabilities and abundant screwups, it is easy to believe Alternative Number One. The past behavior from this group makes it easy to believe that the turf wars have returned with a fury with the Cabal doing what they can to undermine Baker's efforts to build a more multilateral effort and debt sharing arrangement in Iraq. But in doing this, the PNAC Cabal would lose control to Poppy's Gang and we would have to rely upon foreign money and generosity. And we all know that Condi is in over her head and Cheney is running this gambit. So Alternative Number One isn't far-fetched at all.

However, let me propose a rationale for Alternative Number Two. Would even these guys be so screwed up internally that Bush could appoint Baker to be his fixer again, only to have his own Vice President and SecDef undermine his action a week later? Remember that any move by Baker in this area will benefit not only the Carlyle Group's investments in defense and reconstruction contractors (due to Poppy's and Baker's involvement in CG), but also allow Baker to make sure from a front row seat that nothing happens in Iraq that is harmful to Baker Botts' clients in the Saudi Royal Family, (whom Baker is representing against the 9-11 Victims Families). Intentionally pissing off and excluding foreign contributors and contractors, and then ensuring from a front row seat that the reconstruction is purely an American corporate welfare program funded by the US taxpayers exclusively for the benefit of US firms and Bush campaign contributors is a safer investment, plus it keeps the money in house so to speak. And you don't have to give up any control.

You have to wonder given today's action if Baker is really there to work on Iraqi foreign debt, or is there merely to make sure that the Bushies, their friends, and the Saudis come out like bandits in this rape of the Iraqi people.

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