Monday :: Dec 15, 2003

AARP Backs Away From White House Social Security Privatization Forums

by Steve

The AARP, which has become that latest bitch for Karl Rove, has already felt enough political heat over its servicing of the GOP over the Medicare fiasco that it has decided to step away from the White House's efforts to undermine Social Security. As we reported a while ago, the White House and GOP, flush with their victory in damaging Medicare, now want to move on and make the privatization of Social Security a 2004 campaign issue.

For some reason, the AARP, still with its kneepads on, signed on to co-host community forums with the Administration to talk up the idea of privatization. Can someone tell me if AARP members knew about this, and why the leadership of the AARP has decided to prostitute itself to the GOP? The Medicare debacle was bad enough; but did the current AARP leadership think it was immediately in their members' best interest to move on and let the GOP have the AARP imprimatur over the White House's wrecking ball aimed at Social Security?

What in the hell is the AARP leadership thinking, and are whatever pieces of silver they are getting from Rove enough to offset the betrayal of their members?

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