Wednesday :: Jan 14, 2004

Kerry Climbs Near The Top In Iowa

by Steve

In the latest Zogby tracking poll in Iowa done through last night, John Kerry has pulled to within the margin of error ( +/- 4.5%) to the lead in Iowa. Kerry continues his surge while both Howard Dean and Dick Gephardt lost supporters yesterday. Results in parentheses are numbers through January 12th.

Dean 24% (28%)
Gephardt 21% (23%)
Kerry 21% (17%)
Edwards 15% (14%)

Zogby’s comments:

“This is officially a 3-way race. Kerry is surging. He actually led the pack on Monday with 25% for the day. Dean had his worst single day with only 18%. Dean leads in the West, with Kerry in 2nd and Gephardt slipping, but Gephardt leads in the Central region of Iowa and the three are tied in the East.

“Kerry now leads among liberals, while moderates belong to Gephardt. The three candidates are bunched together among Democrats. Dean still leads among voters under 50, and Gephardt dominates voters over age 65. But it’s a 3-way race for those 50-64 years old.

“Kerry is challenging Dean for college educated voters, and challenging Gephardt for union votes. The three are tied among men, and the top four (including Edwards) are tied among women.

“This is fascinating. There’s major movement every day in Iowa.”

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