Wednesday :: Jan 14, 2004

Gephardt/Dean Feud Gets Harsher

by Steve

In the closing days before the Iowa caucuses, the attacks are getting harsher. The latest with a lot of bite came this morning from Dick Gephardt against Howard Dean.

Democratic presidential candidate Dick Gephardt on Wednesday called chief rival Howard Dean a "fair-weather friend of the American worker" whose words can't be trusted and motives must be questioned.

"To me, there is no room for the cynical politics of manufactured anger and false conviction. I believe in standing for something," the Missouri lawmaker said in a speech that heightened his criticism of the Democratic presidential front-runner.

"I've come to realize that Howard Dean isn't shooting from the hip. That's just making excuses for him," Gephardt said. "Howard Dean knows exactly what he's saying when he says it. And if you think he's contradicting himself, well, as far as he's concerned, that's your problem and not his. Democrats deserve a lot better."

Gephardt told reporters afterward that the speech was in part a response to Dean's criticism of his candidacy, including a new ad in Iowa that criticized Gephardt and other Dean rivals for supporting the congressional resolution authorizing war against Iraq.

Memo to John Kerry and John Edwards: get as far away from this duel to the death amongst these two as you can. From now on, ignore Dean and Gephardt in Iowa and focus on your message. Let these guys kill each other off. This is like a car accident you can see coming but canít do anything to stop. So swerve away from it.

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