Friday :: Jan 16, 2004

Kerry Widens Lead In Iowa

by Steve

According to the overnight Zogby tracking poll, John Kerry has widened his lead to five points over Howard Dean and Dick Gephardt in Iowa. Results through yesterday indicate that Kerry now logs in at 24%, with Dean and Gephardt registering 19% each, and John Edwards still at a strong 17%. Again, who can do the best job getting their supporters out will be determinative.

Zogby’s comments:

Kerry leads among Democrats, young and old voters, men and women, liberals and moderates, and those who say they are 'definitely voting' on Monday.

"There is a three-way cluster among union voters, but Dean is the candidate who is out of the loop.

"Most of the demographic groups are actually clustered. So the issue will be – as it always is – turnout. Gephardt still has arguably the best team on the ground and is very much alive."

"Again, any one of the four can win this one."

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