Saturday :: Jan 17, 2004

Iowa Shows Tight Four-Way Race - Kerry Only Ten Behind in New Hampshire

by Steve

Zogby's latest polls out of Iowa show Kerry with a one point lead over Dean, (23%-22%), with Gephardt slipping to 19%, and Edwards with 18%. Iowa veteran political watchers caution that results for a Friday night before the caucuses should be discounted because of the impact that high school basketball has on those who are home that night. Again, turnout is the key, and that still favors Dean and Gephardt, unless Michael Whouley of Kerry's campaign has pulled some rabbits from his hat. Of interest here is that both Dean and Gephardt have decided to pull their negative ads off the air after seeing evidence that the downward drift in their numbers was due to the tone of their campaigns, and the relative absence of such ads from Edwards' and Kerry's ads.

American Research Group's latest New Hampshire tracking poll shows a six-point spread between Howard Dean (28%) and Wesley Clark (22%). But John Kerry, based on the good news from Iowa, continues to rebound, and is now up to 18% in what also may turn out to be a three-way race.

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