Saturday :: Jan 17, 2004

Don't Let The Door Hit You On The Way Out!

by pessimist

Back before the presidential primary began, before there were numerous presidential wannabes squabbling over who's the baddest, does anyone recall a little fracas known commonly as the Iraq War? Remember the leader of the country which provided the most support to the vanquishment of the Evil Henchmen of the Saddam Hussein?

Guess what - he's getting his!

Words of praise tell Blair it may be time to quit

‘The evidence points to a prime minister close to the edge - with every reason in the world to jump’

KIND words spoken about a politician on television news mean one of two things: death or resignation. So Tony Blair should not at all be happy to learn that his sworn party enemies are slowly beginning to praise him.

The most successful prime minister in Labour’s history, one former Cabinet minister said yesterday. A phenomenon for the party, said another rebel. The subtext: thanks a lot, Tony, we’ll take it from here.

Mr Blair’s early resignation is discounted in the London media, which have swallowed the message that he’s eager to fight another seven years. But the evidence points to a prime minister close to the edge - with every reason in the world to jump.

It is no exaggeration to say that Mr Blair could be gone by Valentine’s Day. The Hutton Inquiry, for example, may find that he instructed mandarins to make Dr David Kelly’s name public during one of the four secret meetings he chaired. If this happens, Mr Blair is finished.

One down - one to go. Hopefully this November.

See what you get for listening to the Crawford Cretin, Tony? What should have been a spectacular career, full of historical significance, was tossed away on the whims of a bunch of real-life Dr Evils who seek to control the world for their own gain.

Was it worth it, Tony? Was there some kind of thrill you enjoyed playing Risk-For-Real? Your buddy Dumbya must have loved the way your people hounded poor Dr. Kelly to death, self-inflicted or otherwise. It HAS been a while since W ordered the injections to proceed, so I'm sure he would take pleasure vicariously if no other option was available.

Do you know just what you lost? You had been one of the world's most respected statesmen. Now, your name ranks in the vicinity of telemarketers and blathering dope addict radio impersonalities and PNACle power mongers. The large popularity you had with your own people you cast aside to ride with the Arbusto Posse. Certainly, your face is hanging on the 'Wanted Wall' of every Islamic "sheriff" from Indonesia to Morocco along with the Tex-Ass Rustlers.

You could'a been a contendah, Tony! The presidency of the EU could have been yours if you had declined the role of the sidekick in The Return of the Revenge of the Son of the Oil Family Bush of Texas Rides Again. You would have demonstrated to the world, by bringing a unity to Europe that it's never had in its entire history, what you were made of. Instead, by riding shotgun on the War Wagon, you demonstrated to the world what you were made of.

This damning with praise by your peers is so typically British, sort of like that slow clap George was so hesitant to face he cancelled his speech to Commons, a rare privelege for an American pResident to pass up so lightly. How you must rue the day you agree to play the Halliburton Way!

Is your conscience clear, Tony? Confession is good for the soul, and enquiring minds want to know. If not now, then maybe when you write your memoirs. By then, you might even be ready to tell the world everything.

Just don't wait until it's all gone down the GOP drain before you do, mate. Even though Bush wants to go to Mars, no one said you get to go. You have to stay here with the rest of us.

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