Wednesday :: Jan 21, 2004

Another Bogus Bush Proposal

by Duckman GR

George W Bush wants to spend $120,000,000 for job training grants through the community colleges of America.

George W Bush wants to spend $1,000,000,000 “defending” the sanctity of marriage.

George W Bush wants the States to spend an additional $500,000,000 “defending” the sanctity of marriage.

Nice priorities, George.

The CBPP has an excellent table (scroll down) that illustrates where that $500 million from the states is going to come from. Bigger budget deficits. Thin air. Our hides.

Schwarzenhummer thinks California has a spending problem. With help like this yet another unfunded mandate for something that contributes absolutely nothing to the betterment of this nation and her people, is there any wonder that we have a spending “problem” here in CA?

It would be better were Bush reverse those amounts; best he stop wasting our taxpayer money on social engineering (which is bad if you’re a stupid judge but okay if you’re a GOP politician), but hey, this is George W Bush talking, your best beer drinking buddy, he wouldn’t steer you wrong, would he?

Community colleges do yeoman’s work, and get little glory for it, yet they’re indispensable to our educational system. And more funding for them is only good. But typical of a Bush speech, it’s marginal at best.

Taking California as an example, (just to give a picture of the magnitude of Bush’s “proposal” J )Schwarzenhat’s recent proposed tax hike, under the guise of an $8 dollar per unit community college fee increase, would, by my math, cost an average student an additional $96 per semester ($8 x 3 units per class x 4 classes semester). Take that whole $120 million; that would cover 1.25 million students’ fee increases only. Of course, the CA Community Colleges serve 2.9 million students, and yes, not all take job training type classes of course, but you get a sense of how far that $120 million will go. Bush’s proposal is barely a band aid to this problem. Actually, it’s just pure PR and nothing more.

I’m reminded of his tortured stem cell research “speech,” whereby he guaranteed us a few dozen stem cell lines for research, versus the reality of the Bush plan. So what would this latest Bush proposal accomplish?

As Mr. Paul “Rockin” O’Neill has said, it’s all politics 24/7. Policy is just a tool, a tool to advance the GOP takeover, nothing more.

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