Thursday :: Jan 22, 2004

A Mostly Civil Debate In New Hampshire

by Steve

I was unable to watch the Democratic debate tonight, as it was my wife’s birthday. But in reading the partial transcript of the debate from the Washington Post, it appears that with the exception of one pointed shot by Howard Dean against John Kerry, Joe Lieberman, and John Edwards for voting for the war resolution and linking that to the deaths of over 500 soldiers, the candidates refrained from attacking each other.

Yes, I wish John Kerry had a better defense for being a liberal, and I wish Wesley Clark had not dodged the attack from Peter Jennings for not repudiating Michael Moore’s (factual) contention that Skippy is a deserter. But all in all, it appears that most of the candidates had a good night, especially Dean and Dennis Kucinich.

For those of you who watched the debate, go ahead and share your thoughts.

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