Tuesday :: Jan 27, 2004

WaPo Still Whoring for Bush

by paradox

I rarely read the Washington Post these last 36 months—I still skim the front page every morning—but it usually isn’t worth the time to weave through the lies and obfuscation in their endless quest to re-select President Bush.

Exhibit A is to be found on the front page this morning—there is zero mention of David Kay and the non-existent wmd’s. All the major networks covered it last night and it’s the lead story at the NYT’s, but the story makes Bush look bad. Just pretend it isn’t there. That will work. Won’t it?

Worse whoring occurs at the editorial page. The lead Republican ass-kissing screed examines the “jobless recovery”—a “new structural nature of unemployment means that job creation lags in the early stages of a recovery.”

“Mr. Bush should not be blamed for this.” Oh? Who, then, will take responsibility for a approximate 10% “real” unemployment rate, 24% of our citizens earning $8.70 or less, and a staggering 36 month doldrums in hiring?

No one. In the puckered mind of the Washington Post, it just worked out that way and federal policy—except for lunatic deficits—had nothing to do with it.

It’s a good thing! “…fewer jobs are being created now because fewer jobs were destroyed during the downturn,” “a jobless recovery means, by definition, that each worker is producing more,” which “is the best promise possible of higher wages and employment in the future.”

Bush and the GOP—with far too much help from traitors like Dianne Feinstein—simply tossed to the wind hundreds of billions of dollars in tax cuts for the wealthy, who of course simply saved it. That money could have been used for a real tax cut for workers earning $40,000 or less, along with immediate public works projects like building schools. The infusion of cash and jobs would have gone a long way to stimulate demand, which is the real answer to job growth.

But idiocy knows no bounds at the WaPo or Republican party. The fools lavished attention and resource on the one part of the economic engine that didn’t need it—rich people—and then make lame excuses as to why there are no new jobs. What do we have to show for it? $475 billion deficits.

For the workers and the children who have no income, whose dreams have died a slow agonizing asphyxiation while every possible possession is sold off, well, tough. Bush and the GOP engaged in ludicrous, easily discredited theory to cut the taxes of the rich and were spectacularly wrong—again!—but hey, never mind, it’s not Bush’s fault and it’s a good thing.

“This is not the first jobless recovery,” the sycophants say. No kidding. Americans are not fools, no matter how sheepishly the WaPo writes to them, and voters will again punish the sitting President for telling everyone how great the recovery is while the labor market has gone to hell. A Democrat will again be forced to clean up the incredible mess, for as much as the WaPo tries otherwise, Presidents who lie to start wars and run incredible deficits with nothing to show for it don’t keep their jobs.

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