Tuesday :: Jan 27, 2004

Last Batch Of NH Polls

by Steve

The last batch of New Hampshire tracking polls shows a narrowing of Kerry’s lead down to ten points (35%-25%) over Dean in the ARG poll. ARG predicts a six-point win for Kerry over Dean, as women are returning to Dean over the last several days. Yet Zogby, who was showing a narrowing margin for Kerry over Dean just yesterday, and was saying the same on Fox News last night, came out this morning with numbers closer to what ARG and Suffolk were saying. Zogby now has a 13-point lead for Kerry over Dean (37%-24%). Zogby says that Kerry had a huge day Monday, with undecideds breaking his way, which is contrary somewhat to what ARG says.

You pick. Either way, it appears to be a two-person race amongst guys in their own back yards.

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