Tuesday :: Jan 27, 2004

Simply Unimaginable

by Duckman GR

Duckman here, interrupting your busy New Hampshire Poll watch with this reminder of why this election stuff matters.

Despite denials to the contrary, as far back as 1998 people were aware of the possiblity that terrorists might do something extreme like flying an airplane into a building.

"For months after the attacks, Bush administration officials maintained there was no indication terrorists were considering suicide hijackings. But the report said the FAA's Office of Civil Aviation Security officially considered such a possibility as early as March 1998. " (my bold)

So when you harken back to that useless and incompetnt nursemaid NSA of Bush's saying that "No one could imagine someone flying an airplane into a building," clearly she was either a) Lying, b) Uninformed, c) Incompetent, or d) All of the above. This preliminary report from the 9/11 commission gives us a glimpse into the failure that is the Bush Administration.

Never before in all of recorded history has a nation suffered such a failure by their government without somebody losing their head because of it. Literally or figuratively. We know that this administration can fire people, like Mr. O'Neill. Just never the suck-up sycophants that really need to go, like Condi.

We need to put pressure on the Administration to extend the term of this commission, and we especially need to pressure the DEMOCRATS in Congress to start speaking up about that. There's nothing to lose if they do, either the Commission gets extended further into the election season which can only be bad news for Bush, or it doesn't, and we get to trumpet cover-up and raise questions everytime a Republican speaks, about why they don't want to get out the truth about what happened on that dark and sunny September morning.

Now, back to the election coverage. Go Dems!

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