Monday :: Mar 1, 2004

More On The Times' Bumiller And How She Helps The White House

by Steve

As a follow up to my earlier post on the New York Times' Elisabeth Bumiller and her penchant for a double standard in how she deals with Bush and his Democratic opponents, take a look at the water she carried for 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue today. Rather than covering the debate she participated in, she ran a story that in essence said Bush is a tolerant guy about gays, so don't pay attention to what he actually did last week.

She took great pains high up in her story today to allege with some divine knowledge somehow that Bush's body language indicated how uncomfortable he was in announcing last week his support for codifying a gay marriage ban into the Constitution, on the premise that he really isn't that way. So, according to Bumiller and her knowledge about Bush's body language, we are being told to ignore his actions (announcing his support for banning gay marriage) and instead focus on his body language and assertions from various folks that Bush isn't really that way.

Then she did what she could to help the White House even more:

"Mr. Bush's friends say that is hardly the case and that the president is quite comfortable with gays. Laura Bush, when asked in a recent interview by The New York Times if she and her husband had gay friends, easily replied: "Sure, of course. Everyone does."

Although the president's behavior might reinforce the view among his critics that he was acting cynically when he endorsed the amendment, the fact is that he has a record of tolerance in personal situations."

Oh please. What else would Bumiller expect his wife to say? The fact is that either he really is a phony on the issue and isn't as tolerant as he has snowed the press into thinking, or this man of conviction and moral clarity got rolled into doing something against how he really feels.

Either way, it isn't good, yet neither the media in general nor Bumiller in particular seem to notice the problem. Either he is tolerant after all and caved in for political purposes (so much for being a guy of conviction), or he has bamboozled sheep like Bumiller once again. So why should Kerry and Edwards be held to a different standard?

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