Monday :: Mar 8, 2004

Bush Welcomes Willie Horton Ad Creator To Anti-Kerry Campaign

by Steve

As Paradox noted earlier today, Mr. Bush decided to go after John Kerry today by saying that Kerry supported “deeply irresponsible” cuts in intelligence two years after the first World Trade Center attacks, and said “He's for good intelligence, and yet he was willing to gut the intelligence services…and that is no way to lead a nation in a time of war."

Ouch, that hurt Skippy. Please cut it out. Nevermind that Kerry has supported a fifty percent increase in intelligence spending over the last half-decade and that the bill referenced by the Liar in Chief was to cut waste. Then Pacemaker Dick jumped in.

"One side argues that we should treat the attacks on our nation by terrorists primary as matters for law enforcement. That's what the Democratic nominee for president has said, among many other things. John Kerry embraced the strategy of the 1990s which holds that when we are attacked we ... put them on trial," Cheney said.

Stop it. That hurts.

Really, is this the best you guys can do? Oh, I forgot, you are also running ads calling Kerry a “rich liberal elitist.” The ads are being run by a GOP 527 called Citizens United, which is led by David Bossie, he of Willie Horton fame. I guess the RNC has no problems with this 527 running ads, but they want to pull their ads?

I have to say that Kerry’s response to this today was pretty lame. Senator, two things: first, is it impossible for you to just say over and over whenever you are attacked by Bush like this “the president is lying once again.” Just say it; we’ll all feel better and it will stick in voters’ minds after a while that Bush and Cheney in fact are lying. Secondly, what is wrong with reminding voters that the guys who are running negative ads against you with White House support are responsible for Willie Horton and eight years of phony Whitewater smears? Is there a better way to stoke the anger of black voters and swing voters than to remind them that Bush is using these same people once again?

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