Tuesday :: Mar 9, 2004

George Tenet Continues In A State Of Denial

by Steve

Today, George Tenet testified at the Senate Armed Services Committee that 1) he didnít know until last night that Undersecretary of Defense Douglas Feith had also been giving intelligence briefings to the White House, without Tenetís knowledge; 2) the recent claims by Dick Cheney of a direct relationship between Saddam and Al Qaeda were garbage and he would talk to Cheney about it; 3) he is still the only man responsible for providing intelligence to the president; and 4) he doesnít think the White House was manufacturing or slanting intelligence to make its case for war.

Looks like George needs a reality check, since his own agency told the White House as late as two months before the war that there was no evidence of a direct Saddam/Al Qaeda connection and the Administration sat on that information without sharing it with Congress. So even if he thinks he is the Vicar of Intelligence in this country, and there is ample proof that people are going around him to provide alternate intelligence that is acted upon while his is ignored, why does Tenet still think he and his agency are relevant at all?

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