Thursday :: Mar 11, 2004

Things will be different this time

by dj moonbat

For those of you who get the Times online, check out Ms. Dowd.

She interviews Kerry in hopes of eliciting enough emotion to get his ostensibly-botoxed brow to furrow. "Oh God!" I thought. Here we go again.

But no; it's pro-Kerry! This column makes me realize that the Kool Kids will not do to Kerry what they did to Gore. Gore was obviously not a gifted politician, but I think he would have made an excellent President. But the press hated the guy, for reasons that I can't really figure out.

Kerry, meanwhile, will still get comments about being "aloof," or "patrician," or whatever. But if Maureen Dowd writes an entire column about how Kerry keeps his cool when responding to GOP crookedness--as her way of dealing with the potentially explosive botox issue--I have to think that he will dodge the brunt of the Kool Kids' derision. [ed. note--sarcasm re: the explosiveness of botox]

And it only took four years of the worst presidency ever to make it all happen.

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