Saturday :: Mar 13, 2004

Being Conned vs Being Accountable

by Mary

Bush is a gullible person. He doesn't have any method nor a desire to judge the credibility of the information fed to him. This is a problem because he makes decisions based on faulty, even totally false information which definitely makes all of his decisions questionable.

But the problem is not just with Bush. His most senior advisors are also easy targets for con artists and because of that, we have to be very concerned about the decisions and recommendations that come out of this administration. Otherwise, why are we still paying over $4 Million per year to Chalabi for bad intelligence? Especially since Chalabi is blatant in his belief that the ends ("We are in Baghdad") is worth the means (the lies, over 550 American soldier deaths, over 3000 military casulties and the thousands of civilian Iraqis deaths).

Chalabi, who has gotten the US into a quagmire in Iraq, is completely unrepentant. "We're in Baghdad," he says. That makes all the lies all right. He even went so far, in a 60 Minutes interview, as to blame the US intelligence agencies for actually believing the cock and bull stories his people fed them. 'Don't they have fact checkers?' he seemed to say.

The fact that Bush's senior advisors could willfully eat such garbage because they were totally conned is very worrying. Cole questions why Bush's senior advisors have not been impeached for their imcompetence but then concludes that our single party government precludes investigations into the governing party. For an administration that came in demanding accountability, this gang is particularly good at shriking accountabiltiy for the current problems (they and promote the "It's not my fault" message).

They are rubes and they are playing with our marbles. When will we finally realize that they are not going to "increase" the numbers of marbles, but they still can be actively working to rip off as many marbles from the rest of us that they can decently do. (Ordinary Americans of all ages, but especially the seniors and the young will get to pay more for Halliburton's - and Cheney's - profits for decades.)

Studies have shown that those who are conned once are more likely to be susceptible targets for another time. The Bush administration has too many people who will believe the next piece of garbage simply because of their own prejudices. What will be the next con? Perhaps we'll be building stations on the moon as part of our military defense shield?

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