Wednesday :: Mar 17, 2004

The Singular Republican Political Skill: Attacking Democrats

by paradox

The latest Bush ad attacking John Kerry is certainly a piece of work—misleading, dishonest, and incredibly galling in its rank disregard for even the most recent history. Basically the Bushistas make up any reality they like at the spur of the moment and assume the media won’t call them on it, or that the American public are total morons and won’t notice. Likely both.

Stepping back a little, it’s easy to see Bush hates Kerry and passionately wants to win this November. But why do the Republicans want to win so badly they’d become such character cretins so early in this campaign?

The Republicans would never be described as Internationalists—they could care less what the world thinks, despise treaties, and have given the world the finger ever since they publicly stated they wanted war with Iraq. They’re not environmentalists—please. There’s nothing on the domestic agenda they agenda they want to build and achieve, save for huge amounts of pork channeled to GOP districts. They don’t want to go to Mars—that dud of an idea has been completely abandoned.

What exactly do these people want to do in the next four years? Four more wars? Even they know that’s impossilble—Congress will never again give Bush pre-emptive powers after they were lied to so badly. At this point its totally baffling what the GOP plans to build for the country 2004-2008.

Baffling, that is, if one accepts the premise that the Republicans like to govern. It obvious that they don’t—what they really like to do is attack Democrats. Why is attacking Democrats the only thing they’re truly good at? Simple—it’s the only political activity they truly like.

Mark Crispin Miller hypothesized in 2001 that since the Cold War is over the Republicans desperately need an enemy, and they found it domestically in the Democrats. They hounded Bill Clinton desperately about anything, finally settling on his private sex life for their fun. They slimed Gore with the most transparent of lies, which the media were too incompetent to discount. They viciously wedged the Democrats over a war vote just before an election. Now here is Bush attacking Kerry four months before even the convention starts.

It’s true Rove and his war criminal buddies don’t have any other option to drive Kerry’s negatives up because Bush is such a disaster of an incumbent candidate. It’s also just as true they’re doing it because it’s the only thing they really know how to do and enjoy.

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