Monday :: Apr 5, 2004

Bush Poll Numbers For Iraq Fall As Pentagon Considers More Troops

by Steve

As violence continues today in Iraq, almost unreported by the mainstream American media, the Pentagon starts talking quietly about putting more troops into Iraq. Somehow this Vietnamization of Iraq doesn’t seem to fit in with Rove’s election strategy of an Iraq success story, does it?

Agence France Presse reports today that US forces bombed Fallujah and Western Baghdad this morning, in attacks against the Sadr militias, while Sadr himself has barricaded himself in a mosque and beseeches his followers to fight the Americans. The Central Command told reporters today anonymously that although they don’t think this is the start of a civil war, if the current violence continues they will have to plan for getting more troops into Iraq.

Against this backdrop, several polls out in the last couple of days show that Bush’s poll numbers over his handling of Iraq are falling to new lows. And this is before the weekend violence is factored in. A Pew Center poll just out today shows that only 40% approve of how he is handling Iraq, with 53% disapproving. Bush’s job approval rating in the poll is now down to 43%, with 47% disapproving. 44% of those polled think the US should pull its troops out as soon as possible. The Pew Center findings are consistent with the findings of the CBS News poll from last week, which also found that more voters disapproved (49%) of Bush’s handling of Iraq now than approved (44%).

Zogby’s latest poll shows that Bush’s (re)elect number is down to 44% again, and his “someone new” number has climbed back to 51%. And this is after the $40 million one-month barrage against Kerry, but before the events in Iraq over the weekend are fully factored in. Note in the Zogby poll Kerry’s strength in both Blue and Red states, even after the $40 million barrage.

But I'm sure all of Bush's supporters will insist that this is all irrelevant as long as we keep adding 300,000 part-time jobs each month, right?

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