Monday :: Apr 5, 2004

Teddy Finds A Winning Strategy: Bush Is Nixon All Over Again

by Steve

Today, in a speech at the Brookings Institution, Teddy Kennedy may have stumbled upon a negative characterization of the Bush Administration that may work: he equated them to the Nixon Administration. Sure, Cheney and Rummy actually worked with Tricky Dick, and W's dad carried water for Nixon and Ford as CIA Director and RNC Chair.

But actually painting an image in voters' minds that this administration lies to voters about matter of war and peace, conceals from public view the workings of government, engages in secrecy for political purposes, misuses the tools of office to maintain power, and blocks the public's right to know what is going on in its government can be shown to be the return of the dark days of Nixon. Add to that the cash and carry approach to policy making this crew have that even Nixon didn't employ, and you can establish a theme in this campaign that not even Rove can refute.

Good job Ted. After seeing all the negative characterizations the Right used against Clinton, it's time for payback.

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