Friday :: Apr 9, 2004

Even Christians Want To Throw Dubya To The Lions

by pessimist

A Good day to find courage to love The Difficult Ones

Last week, Anne Lamott, author of Traveling Mercies: Some Thoughts on Faith, who described herself as "a big ole lefty and a big ole Christian," was in town for a reading and lecture at Chicago's North Park University, a Christian college associated with the Evangelical Covenant Church.

At the college, Lamott spoke, variously, about faith, forgiveness, parenting, hiking regime change, Jesus and George Bush.

Everybody has those somebodies in their life that just make it difficult to do the right thing and nearly impossible to do the loving thing. The Difficult Ones.

For Lamott, it's George W. Bush and his administration.

She has a hard time loving the president, she said, especially because Bush and many of his cronies are Christians. Just like her. "I'm doing whatever I can that I think would not horrify Jesus," she told the North Park crowd, referring to her opposition of all things Bush. "I just want to be one of the people who's not a right-wing fundamentalist who totally loves Jesus.

"I think that there's nothing that can separate us from God's love and there's nothing that is so awful and heinous and barbaric and evil that would have Jesus just go, 'Oh, forget it,' and stomp off," she said. Not even right-wing conservative Christians who have "stolen the Bible" or the architects of a war based on a lie that has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of soldiers, she said.

"I thank God that Jesus seems to have such low standards that people like me are welcomed into the kingdom, and entrusted with his love, to share with others, as others have so freely shared with us.

"I try to keep things really shallow; I understand about as much as is in the songs we sing with our kids on Sunday: Jesus died, and rose from the dead, for me, and for Donald Rumsfeld and Karen Hughes. Go figure."

She and Bush and everyone else in the world are suffering from the same "sickness in us that is fatal and progressive and disgusting," Lamott said. Humanness.

"Inside, I'm just as capable of any madness or egotism that Bush has displayed," she said, explaining that she feels sorry for him and empathizes to a certain extent. "But mostly I hate George Bush."

"I am a bad Christian," Lamott continued, echoing my own thoughts. "And Jesus is so sweet and kind. I think he watches me, and knows the inside of my heart and loves me anyway, and I guess -- urrrr -- he feels the same way about Bush and Cheney."

So it seems.


I'd like to wish a Happy Easter to our own Difficult Ones. You know who you are.

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